The BC has connected - and continues to connect - neighborhood residents to funding which has enabled homeowners to make environmentally sustainable upgrades to their houses. These renovations and beautifications will stabilize property values and build neighborhood equity wealth.


The BC is fostering a pathway for employees to scale their skills, licenses, and paychecks up through a training program to lead new employees to being pharmacists. The impact is residents filling high-paying, in-demand jobs to answer an in-demand need for the inner city. We are partnering with the St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Credit Union and the Cleveland Foundation sponsoring accounting students in internships


The BC has earned a grant to weatherize homes. We have Identified and installed insulation solutions, performed energy audits on homes, and transitioned homes to energy-saving LED lights. We will complete more homes in our area, expand the radius of energy audits, and pursue funds for more extensive weatherizing upgrades.


One of The BC strategies is to counter structural racializations perpetuating stereotypes and stigmas causing disparities in addressing Social Determents of Health is to create sustainable revenue through its Community Solar Garden initiative. The Solar Garden return on investment (ROI) will address health disparities now and in the future.